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Uncover hidden opportunities to boost productivity


Per user / monthly

Master time, enhance personal well-being

Collaborate, learn with AI Co-Pilot

Trim wasted time, supercharge career

Harness innovation, shape your role

Gain deep insights into time

Effortlessly manage unlimited tasks

Elevate your mood, unlock productivity

Transform team efficiency and achieve shared goals


Price on application

Expand capabilities, advance prospects

Evolve together, revolutionise time management

Ignite teamwork, compare task duration

Gain visibility, share impactful reports

Streamline workflows, amplify productivity

Analyse team, drive collective improvements

Elevate team, unlock innovation

Empower your enterprise with agile process improvement


Price on application

Benchmark success, lead thriving enterprise

Cultivate well-being, expand capacity

Collaborate with AI Co-Pilot, propel career

Utilise data, lead transformation

Instil continuous improvement culture

Analyse performance, optimise workflows

Elevate enterprise, fuel innovation


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